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Probate Law

Probate Law

Probate Law relates to the area of law concerning the settlement of someone’s estate at the time of their passing and helps the assets be transferred in an orderly and supervised manner.

According to law, your estate must be dispersed in a certain order that may vary from state to state.  A normal progression would be

  1. Administration costs related to the estate
  2. Allowances for family expenses
  3. Funeral expenses
  4. Debts and taxes
  5. Finally, distributions to beneficiaries.

Probate applies to all estates whether there is a will or not.  The will is the document that shows what your wishes for your estate are.  If no valid will is available, your estate is divided by the laws in the state that you live.

In addition to wills, Murray and Black is can also assist you with the implementation of living trusts as well as estate planning, power of attorneys, and more.

The probate lawyers at Murray and Black can help you by creating you will or living trust and help the family carry out your wishes. If you are looking to create your will, or living trust, give us a call today to ensure that your estate is properly documented and that the beneficiaries of you will are the ones that receive what you truly want them to have.

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