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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

When there is a legal dispute between two or more parties and one or more of them is seeking either monetary damages or some sort of performance by the others it is known as a civil litigation case.  Civil litigation does not necessarily result in a trial and can be a variety of other options including hearings, arbitrations, and even mediations before a variety of agencies or courts.

Civil litigation attorneys must be willing to assume an adversarial role as part of the work since all cases involve some degree of dispute between two or more parties.

The lawyers at Murray and Black are ready to handle your civil litigation case with many years of experience representing clients on both sides of the civil litigation process.  We have the knowledge of substantive and procedural law and have strong analytical and logical reasoning abilities to handle all matters in a civil case.

Give us a call today and we can take you through the process of filing a non-criminal lawsuit for things such as personal injury, discrimination cases, medical malpractice, debt settlement and more.  We can also advise on whether your case is best to be handled outside of the courtroom, or if it should be directed towards a court of law.

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